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Kim P. from Encinitas, CA had this to say about Gulicks Body Shop:

If there were a way to give 6 stars, I would....this business went above and beyond the call of duty.

Getting your car hit is a terrible experience that leaves you feeling quite helpless--especially when you are 550 miles from home on vacation! We got our car backed into while it was parked--immediately we knew our chances of getting home in our car in a week was next to impossible. Everyone we talked to said it would be at least 3-4 weeks.

Ken and his team at Gulick's got our car fixed in less than a week! It had significant damage. The rapid turnaround is a major plus--but more importantly dealing with Ken was amazing--honestly, the best experience I have had with any business in my 50 years...I thought I would have to call each day--but Ken just took charge. He called me at least once a day to let me know how things were going. On the day we were supposed to pick up our car (today), the insurance company who had assured me they would expedite things so we could get home called and said things had fallen through the cracks and they would not be able to authorize them to move forward on the repairs until Monday--the day we are supposed to leave. Well, guess what--this is the most amazing part--Ken had already moved ahead and fixed the car on the good faith that the insurance would come through based on his many years of experience. How many people would take that chance?? None that I know of...but Ken knew how desperate we were to go home in our car to he went the extra mile.

I kept waiting for something to slow it down or go wrong but all the way until the very end when we showed up to pick up our car that was restored to perfect shape, everything went amazingly smoothly. I cannot say enough about Gulicks. When dealing with a terrible situation, it is wonderful to meet someone who is so incredibly helpful who goes above and beyond the call of duty and does things in such a thoughtful manner. What an amazing experience--if anyone is looking for the perfect body shop, go to Gulicks!! You will not be disappointed.

Bryan Hodes 2000 Chevy 2500 Silverado, ¾ ton pickup

Bryan accidentally backed into a light pole in a Novato shopping center. The impact made no discernable impression on the light pole, but it pushed the rear bumper of the Silverado into the fender. Though the bumper was totaled, the tailgate was untouched. Bryan's passenger at the time recommended Gulicks Auto Body.

Initially Bryan took his truck to another auto-body shop, but he was unimpressed with their casual attitude and the fact that they didn't even take down his phone number. Later that day, Bryan called his insurance company who also referred him to Gulicks Auto Body.

Two recommendations were plenty for Bryan, and since Bryan and his truck put in long hours Monday through Friday, the fact that Gulicks is open on Saturday for estimates was icing on the cake.

The next Saturday, Bryan drove up from Novato and met Ken. Right off the bat, Bryan was impressed that Ken's approach was more thorough than other body shops. For example, Ken took pictures of damage. As Bryan puts it, "Ken and the shop were 'in tune' with a high level of professionalism and customer service."

Ken handled all of the paper work and promised to get the repair done in a week, which he did. Bryan sums it up this way. "Ken knows his stuff and he's a 'people person.'"

Cliff Nannini Honda Civic 2006


In Feb 2009 and Cliff Nannini was driving his 2006 Honda Civic on 101 when a trailer hitch detached from a vehicle in the lane somewhere up ahead of him. Before Cliff could swerve to avoid striking the hitch, he ran over it and heard a series of thumps under his car.

Suddenly, the hitch hit the under panel of Cliff's Honda with such force that the impact dented the floor, knocking Cliff's right foot off accelerator pedal while tearing the accelerator pedal from its mooring. Cliff was able to get off freeway and had his Civic towed immediately to Gulicks Auto Body which had been recommended to him by a friend at work.

Cliff reports that Ken took him right in, immediately examined the Honda and gave him a preliminary estimate. Afterwards, Ken dealt with insurance company and provided Cliff with the updated information.

Through the two-week repair period, Ken called Cliff frequently with updates on the progress of the repairs. Cliff notes that Ken did everything he promised and returned the Honda Civic looking better than ever.

Cliff plans to recommend Gulick's Auto Body the first chance he gets.

Jane Salter - Honda Odyssey 2003


Jane was rear-ended while stopped at a light in Petaluma. The collision resulted in major damage, so Jane took her battered mini-van to Gulicks Auto Body.

After Gulicks initially repaired the vehicle and returned it to Jane, she discovered that the carpet in the rear of her Odyssey was wet following a major rain storm. Jane returned the vehicle to Ken who immediately took the vehicle back and gave Jane a free loaner car to drive while he and his crew determined the cause of problem.

The Gulicks staff disassembled the rear of the vehicle, discovered that a faulty seal was the source of the leak, corrected it and shampooed the carpet. Ken returned the totally re-repaired Honda Odyssey to Jane along with a gift certificate as a small compensation for her inconvenience.

Jane reports that she is totally satisfied, that her Honda Odyssey looks brand new, and that she is an enthusiastic supporter of Gulick's telling everyone she knows about her experience what great people Ken and his staff are.

Melanie Long 2007 Accord

Melanie was hit from the rear on Feb 15th in a parking lot by a large pick-up truck.

The entire back end of the Accorded needed to be replaced, along with the lights on the right rear side and the muffler.

Ken completed the repairs in nine days which Melanie considers remarkable, and has asked for Melanie to check in with him after she returns from a trip so he can assess how the paint has cured.

Melanie is a long-time customer and friend of Ken's who used to live across the street from Ken. In fact, Melanie is a fan of several generations of Gulicks. She reports that Ken's dad was also an awesome man and relates the story of how, 35 years ago, the senior Gulick helped Melanie's grandfather pull a mobile home out of a ditch.

When asked to list some Ken's outstanding features, Melanie cites Ken's conscientious dedication to detail. It also impresses her that Ken's shop has gone green.

As Melanie says, "Ken is an 11 on a scale of 10. He rocks."

Aside from being I-CAR and ASE certified, all of the Gulick technicians attend regular seminars and classes to keep up with the latest technologies and industry methods. Their combined knowledge and experience earned the I-CAR "Gold Class Standard," which is only awarded to shops where the knowledge level is above the industry average.

Constant attention to detail is stressed throughout every job. And, even with this high standard of perfectionism, Gulick has one of the best "cycle" times in the business. (That's just industry talk, bragging about our speed in getting you back on the road in your own perfectly repaired vehicle.) "Getting it right the first time" is just one more way we earn and keep our customer's loyalty.

The entire shop is focused on the true definition of customer care. Our techs have been with us between eight and sixteen years. That consistency keeps us strong and our customers confident.



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